They love me in Slovakia!

Here I am talking about the election results in Pravda the leading newspaper of Slovakia:

The bootstrap conservative

There was an article in the N&O yesterday about the Republican set to become the NC Senate Majority leader (and thus, the 2nd most powerful person in the state).  I was kind of expecting this when I saw a bit about his biography, but it really bugs me:

His background helped shape his politics, making him one of the more conservative voices in the legislature. If he can pull himself up by his bootstraps through hard work and discipline, why can’t others, he asks.

Because, damnit, even if he did not come from a particularly, I’m sure he did have advantages that allowed him to pull himself up by his bootstraps.  He probably came from a strong, loving home with parents who instilled a solid work ethic.  Not everybody gets that, to say the least.  When his wife was working while he went through college, they were both presumably blessed with good health.  What if his wife had come down with a disease that meant he had to earn money instead of going to law school?  He may think he pulled himself up by his bootstraps, but they’re was surely some good luck involved and surely some important people in his life who helped make that possible.  Quite simply, not everybody has those advantages and we should not expect the same level of achievement from those who don’t.  Of course, Phil Berger clearly does not appreciate how many advantages he has had in order to achieve his success.  That’s why, he’s a conservative and I’m a liberal.

Quote of the day

Jon Cohn (in reference to whether the health care vote and the liberal agenda cost the Dems the House):

History will remember Pelosi as a leader who changed her country’s history while making life better for tens of millions. And Bayh? I doubt history will remember him at all.

I think it’s pretty clear that the economy, not the health care vote, cost the Democrats the House.  Though I’m plenty willing to admit health care made it worse.  You know what, though, I’ll take it every time.  The whole point of majorities is to actually do something.  Nancy Pelosi and those who voted with her did.  All Evan Bayh ever accomplished was a lot of praise from the media for being a centrist.

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