Sex and Violence

Great slideshow in Slate about public attitudes and advertising campaigns about sex.  Short version: they do it way better in Europe.

You totally need to check out the whole slide show, though.  They treat sex in an adult, non-puritanical manner and have vastly lower rates of teen pregnancy and teen STD’s.  On a Slate related note, Emily Bazelon has an article about whether banning absurdly violent video games from minors is an infringement on free speech.  The Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments today.  Under current law, only restrictions on pornography are permitted.  In her visit yesterday, Dahlia Lithwick noted, and I agree, that this likely traces to America’s uniquely Puritanical roots, as there’s plenty of us who would rather keep our kids from games where the point is to literally rape and maim other humans than keep them away from naked people.   But its the naked people are society seems much more concerned about.


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