I did a pretty good job not obsessing on election returns most of the night.  Watched the best Eastbound and Down episode of the (disappointing compared to last) season off the DVR and watched Mad Men Season 3 episode 7– another brilliant episode.  Alas, now it’s back to harsh reality.  A couple of brief comments for now.

1) How did Bob Etheridge in NC-2 (the district contains NC State) lose to “batshit crazy” (quoting one of my students “victory mosque” totally unqualified Renee Ellmers while at the same time Mike McIntyre holds on in NC-7 and Larry Kissell cruises in NC-8?  Seriously, I thought if Etheridge lost in his R+2 district, I thought those guys with better opponents in more R districts would surely be toast.

2) The biggest reason this sucks for Democrats is because it makes it that much harder to take back the House in 2012.  Policy-wise, I honestly think it hardly makes any difference whether R’s have a 1 vote or 50 vote majority in the House.  The problem for Dems with the latter, is that’s a helluva lot of seats to take back and chances are there’s not going to be national partisan tides this strong again for a while.

3) More tomorrow.


About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State http://faculty.chass.ncsu.edu/shgreene

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