I’m voting today

So, I posted about early voting last week, but what I failed to mention is that I always vote on election day.  And always will, damnit.   I love the election day registration we have here in NC with early voting, but I still think voting should (generally) be on voting day.  Here’s the key paragraph from Barry Burden’s op-ed on the matter:

When Election Day is merely the end of a long voting period, it lacks the sort of civic stimulation that used to be provided by local news media coverage and discussion around the water cooler. Fewer co-workers will be sporting “I voted” stickers on their lapels on Election Day. Studies have shown that these informal interactions have a strong effect on turnout, as they generate social pressure. With significant early voting, Election Day can become a kind of afterthought, simply the last day of a drawn-out slog.

Anyway, look for me sporting my “I voted” sticker today.  The only election day I missed voting on was exactly 11 years ago– when I missed Cuyahoga County municipal elections in 1999.  I’ve got a good excuse for that one– David was born that day.  As it was, poor Kim had a really long labor (over 30 hours) and I had decided I was going to pop out for 20 minutes and vote when the nurse finally determined that it was time to push.   She pushed for over two hours, though– I still could’ve made it :-).


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