Chart of the day (it’s the partisanship, stupid)

Gallup chart via The Monkey Cage:


I like to tell my intro students that partisanship is pretty much seeing the world through red or blue colored sunglasses.  This chart is as dramatic a demonstration of that fact as about anything.  It’s also worth noting that he independents line is surely deceptive.  If you broke that up into Republican and Democratic-leaning independents, you would surely see the exact same pattern among them.

Finally, though I find the 57% among Democrats under Bush higher than I’d like– though, if one were a citizen of Middle Eastern origin it is not too much of a stretch to suggest that the government was an immediate threat to citizens– that is still a good bit lower than the 2/3rd’s or Republicans who are clearly delusional about the “threat” that Obama poses.

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3 Responses to Chart of the day (it’s the partisanship, stupid)

  1. John says:

    It’s all relative. Do you remember what 2000-2008 were like? The wars, the wasteful spending, the moron masquerading as our President? Have you read the Bill of Rights recently? Just about the only amendment that should have been “well-regulated” wasn’t, and the rest were pretty much trampled on. Scary? Yes, very. Obama being born in Kenya? Not so much.

    • Steve Greene says:

      I’d give you your argument if even a tiny fraction of those 57% of Dems actually understood the threats to civil liberties the Bush administration posed. Most did not and furthermore, Obama’s largest failing has been largely continuing Bush era civil liberties policies.

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