Do conservatives hate teachers?

As long as I’ve been doing a lot of edu-blogging lately, here’s a question I’ve been wondering about.  The absolutely woeful comic strip, Mallard Fillmore, ran a series of strips back in October that basically portrayed your typical public school teacher as educationally clueless and ideologically-driven.   Here’s a couple samples:

These really strike me as surprisingly hateful.

Probably any parent has had some sort of problem with how a teacher is doing things at some point, but I honestly wonder  is this view of Mallard Fillmore really that wide-spread?  The strip generally is nothing more than conservative talking points (it could really learn from Doonesbury how to be both political and funny).  Is this a conservative talking point that teachers are idiots or is Bruce Tinsley out on his own here?  Don’t most of us appreciate the fact that these people are working hard to educate our children for insufficient respect and sub-standard wages?  Or is that just some crazy liberal view?

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