Are bartenders overpaid?

Seems to me, that a lot of tip-based professions end up earning way more money than they should.  Sure there’s talent, skill, and training in bartending, but should two bartenders be able to afford a $300,000 house?  I say no.  This is actually from an interesting story about the increase in short sales in the real estate market (getting the bank’s permission to sell the house for less than you owe):

The original owner bought the home for $400,714 in 2006; Harris and her husband, both bartenders, paid what seemed to be a bargain price, $289,000, in 2008. But they have fallen behind on their mortgage payments, in part because her husband was out of work. Now they have a $246,000 offer for the home, and the balance on their mortgage is more than that. They want to accept the offer. All they need is their bank’s okay.

That kind of deal is called a short sale, and it’s sweeping the country. In these deals, a lender allows a troubled borrower to sell a home for less than what’s owed on the mortgage.

What I always find most ridiculously lucrative is situations such as my 20th reunion where there was an open bar, and it seems to be an expectation to tip a dollar for every drink prepared.  Damn, that adds up.  Doormen do pretty good, too.  Does this make me an elitist?

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