Boehner’s tan

(Via Drum) Apparently Obama is trying to nationalize the election and to scare of voters of having John Boehner as speaker of the house.  Of course, the scariest thing about Boehner is his tan.

Amazing, PPP has actually polled on this (Drum supplies the images from their PDF):

I must say, I do have to wonder about those who thinks he has “the right amount” much less “not enough” tan.  Then again, nearly half the public as an opinion on Boehner’s tan in Q10, yet I bet if you showed the picture, less than 20% of Americans would be able to name him.

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One Response to Boehner’s tan

  1. LOUDelf says:

    What happened to the other 52% of those polled for Q10? I don’t know where I’d fall, as the question I’d ask as a follow-up in response to being asked this would be “As it pertains to what”? Maybe Baywatch is coming back, and they need someone to fill the role of surfing politician.

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