Quote of the day

From here:

“We have the authority to kill the monkeys,” said a state health official, who asked not to be named. “We don’t know which one bit, so they all have to go.”

Wrongfully accused?

Seems to me if you don’t even know a lemur is not actually a monkey (they are prosimians) you shouldn’t be in a position of authority to order their death.

Way back in my Duke days, the funnest course I ever had was called “Evolutionary Behavior.”  We spent the first half the semester learning theories of social evolution in animals and the 2nd half doing our own research on lemur troops in the Duke Lemur Center (then, the Duke Primate Center).  Kim was my partner and we did an utterly mundane report on Eulemur Fulvus Collaris (Brown Collared Lemur).   Among the coolest things was that one of our two groups shared a large enclosure (we’re talking acres) with a bachelor troop of ring tail lemurs.  Just wanted to share that.

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