The news hole

First, please watch this terrific Jon Stewart clip on Chelsea Clinton’s wedding (obligatory complaint here about 1) my readers almost never clicking through links, and; 2) WordPress’s refusal to enable DailyShow/Colbert videos).

What this demonstrates so wonderfully is how inane cable news is largely just because it has so much time to fill, i.e., the news hole.  My favorite here is a scene of a reporter saying something like, “oh, it looks like there’s some sort of delivery truck or something now.”  It’s just hilarious how pathetic all their ramblings are.  Thing is, that’s the problem when you are actually trying to fill 24 hours a day with news– especially on Saturday.   Every now and then when Discovery, TLC, NatGeo, and the Science channel have nothing for me on Saturday I’ll catch a little cable news.  What a wasteland– worse than local news.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

One Response to The news hole

  1. Jeff Pelletier says:

    I didn’t click the link because I saw the clip live the other night, but I agree – I thought it was ridiculous that she seemed amazed that there would be a delivery truck on site for a wedding.
    I also enjoyed the reporter’s play by play of te ceremony she was not attending.

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