The tyranny of pink

So annoying that little girl clothes are so overwhelmingly pink.  Pink is really not a good color.  Plenty of other colors are suitably feminine, but when you are shopping for baby girl clothes it is just absurdly pink.  And that’s certainly not a good color on what will almost surely be a redhead with fair skin.  There are some other good options out there, but you have to look really hard.  Gender role socialization run amok.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

One Response to The tyranny of pink

  1. Sass says:

    I may be a little biased considering pink is my favorite color, but little girls don’t actually have that many colors. Not like boys do. We have pink, purple and occasionally yellow, depending on who you ask. Boys have claimed blue, red, green, brown and yellow when its not too “girly”. Black is a neutral color, but its kind of depressing.
    My sister is a fair skined red-head that loves pink, so maybe its just one of those girl things. 😉

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