The High Heels vote

From the Post:

A new video shows Ken Buck, the leading Republican candidate in a Colorado Senate race, repeatedly using the word “bull—-” and saying that voters should choose him over his female primary opponent “because I do not wear high heels.”

Buck, the Weld County district attorney, made the remarks at a recent forum, in response to an audience question. Former lieutenant governor Jane Norton has been running a campaign ad decrying third-party spending on behalf of Buck’s campaign and urging Buck to “be man enough” to run the ads himself.

“She has questioned my manhood; I think it’s fair to respond,” Buck continues in the video. “I have cowboy boots on. They have real bull— on ’em. That’s Weld County bull—, not Washington D.C. bull—.”

Norton spokeswoman Cinamon Watson suggested the video is Buck’s Macaca moment — a single clip that ruins a candidate’s campaign (the term ‘Macaca moment’ was coined after then-Sen. George Allen was filmed in 2006 using a racial slur to refer to a rival campaign’s staffer).

“Ken is going to have to use all of his best lawyer-speak to explain this really stupid statement,” Watson said.

I’m not so sure.  How this plays in the Republican electorate in Colorado may be quite different than how something like this plays for the general electorate of Virginia.  While this would certainly be really harmful in the general, I think it may be less so in a Republican primary.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m going to have to pay attention to this one.


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