Issues, we don’t need no stinkin’ issues

This from Saturday is really quite striking:

Sometime after Labor Day, HouseMinority Leader John A. Boehnerplans to unveil a blueprint of what Republicans will do if they take back control of the chamber. He promises it will be a full plate of policy proposals that will give voters a clear sense of how they would govern.

But will Republicans actually want to run on those ideas — or any ideas? Behind the scenes, many are being urged to ignore the leaders and do just the opposite: avoid issues at all costs.  [emphasis mine]

Sadly, I think this is actually the smart strategy.  Clearly, Republicans have nothing to offer but tax cuts and the policies which were oh, so successful under Bush; so they are better off just letting the economy bring Democrats down.  That, of course, won’t stop them from claiming their midterm gains are from their “agenda.”  Here’s a prediction: whatever this Republican blueprint looks like, it will simply boil down to tax cuts and less government regulation.

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