Chart(s) of the day

From successive posts from Ezra Klein.  Both make quite interesting points:


Does the bad economy make people stupid?  So, the Democrats are better on things but you’re going to vote Republican anyway?  Sadly, for these results that must be the position of a not insubstantial number of Americans.

And this:

‘A Chart That Screams, “Extend Unemployment Benefits!” ‘

You’ll have to excuse me for simply stealing Daniel Indiviglio’s headlinefor this chart, but it’s really the right way to introduce it:

job openings vs jobless 2010-05-thumb-570x326-29516.png

“That giant gap consists of Americans who are unemployed, and couldn’t get a job even if they wanted to,” Indiviglio writes. “This emphasizes the need for Congress to extend unemployment benefits. It’s pretty clear that millions of Americans remain unemployed because the jobs aren’t there — not because they aren’t trying hard enough to find them. In fact, it’s not even close.”

Of course, if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice a fair number of conservatives saying that they cannot extend unemployment benefits because it’s just encouraging people not to work.

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