SC ballot order redux

Well, on my last post on the bizarre happenings in South Carolina, I wrote:

In writing this, I remembered way back in grad school when the recently-mentioned Jon Krosnick and then grad-student Joanne Miller, presented research on ballot order effects in Ohio…  I’d love to see one of them weigh in on the topic.  (I’ll let you know if they do).

Well, apparently Newsweek wanted them to weigh in, too.   They are both quoted in the article.  And, to make an Ohio State grad school-apalooza out of the article, they also bring up the research of my former grad school colleagues who showed how flashing lights on voting machines affected ballot roll-off.   I got to admit I love the article, as it’s chock full of political scientists, but yet, this case essentially stumps them all:

“Ballot-position effect” times “no-information voting,” plus “mere exposure effect” and “name- letter effect,” minus expected roll-off—does that equal an 18-point victory for a nobody like Alvin Greene? Maybe. Even the people who study this kind of thing are scratching their heads, and they’ll never know for sure.

Okay, that’s enough cousin Alvin for a while.

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