Inaugural Friday book post

So, I kind of like the way that some of my favorite bloggers like to add a twist once a week.  Kevin Drum always posts pictures of his cats and Jonathan Bernstein always blogs about baseball.  I felt like I wanted to do something a little bit personal every Friday.  But what?  Then I thought books would be a great idea.  You know I love books (and this has already been Nurtureshock week), but I thought maybe I’d just write here about favorite books from long ago that more people should know about; political science books (which I never blog about); and just whatever else I feel like on that general topic.  We’ll see how it goes.

So, for the inaugural post, I’ve chosen Cadillac Desert by Marc Reisner, one of the very first books to make it onto my favorites list.  It’s probably been almost 15 years since I read this, but it still sticks with me.  It’s the story of water in the American West and it opened my eyes so much to how politics really works in this country.  I also remember that it was very readable.  I suspect it is more relevant today than ever.  Anyway, think about it.  When my mom recommended this to me way back when, reading the story of “water in the American West” was not exactly what I was interested in for pleasure reading, but I’m sure glad I did.

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