Kagan and abortion

I get so frustrated with the over-attention to the abortion issue in Supreme Court nominations.  It's not exactly like Kagan would vote to change the status quo on abortion based on Roe v. Wade or Casey.  In fact, I find it highly unlikely that she would vote on this issue in any way different from Stevens.  Yet, we get headlines like, "Abortion could be sleeper issue in Supreme Court confirmation process."  The article goes on to suggest she may not be acceptable to pro-choice groups because when working as a policy adviser for Clinton she recommended that he compromise on a late-term abortion ban.  Please!  As if that 1) has any bearing on how she would vote on the Court; or 2) actually would significantly undermine the legal right to an abortion even if she did believe that.  Though, annoying, I do find the phenemonon of this over-attention to abortion to be interesting.  Not clear to me if it is the abortion interest groups really pushing it, or if comes more from the media itself, because they know that the abortion issue will always grab eyeballs.  Makes me think I need to get back to my abortion politics research.


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