Fox News and scary logos

I missed this from Jon Stewart last week.  It's brilliant.  Watch.

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Anderson Cooper shows what actual journalism looks like

Every pundit in America who does TV interviews should be forced to watch this and see how its done.  It's not that hard.  Just know your facts and don't be afraid to use them.  This is awesome:

Quick hits

1) Why are Wall Street banks so damn profitable.  Safe to say, any industry that is actutally this profitable is not actually a properly functioning market.  Certatinly, in part, these large profits depend on a huge lack of transparency.

2)  Nice post from Ezra really outlining the pernicious effects of the modern filibuster well beyond the 60 vote requirement.

3) Should college professors ban laptops?  I really struggle with this one.  My students get so distracted, but as someone who much prefers typing to actual pen to paper, I've got a lot of sympathy for those that simply want to type.  

4) We've talked about prison rape in my criminal justice class a fair amount this semester.  In response to another post, Matt Yglesias makes a nice comment I hadn't really thought about: "…it should be seen that in addition to being horrible on its own terms
this kind of thing totally undermines the criminal justice system’s
ability to mete out punishment in a considered way. The idea is that
criminals should be punished in some kind of proportion to the severity
of their crimes. Allowing violence to run amok in prisons does the
reverse—ensuring that members of organized gangs get off lighter than
less dangerous felons."


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