Quick hits

1) Okay, you don't need new evidence that Sarah Palin is a moron, but here's a nice column by Will Saletan emphasizing just how stupid and ahistorical her imperialistic rhetoric is.  

2) Ezra Klein had a nice column about just how stupid it is that Republican budget cuts have made it so hard for the IRS to actually crack down on tax cheats.  I'm going to link to Jon Chait's summary of Ezra, as his take-home point is predictably more cutting. 

3) Via the perpetually bearded Steve S., apparently beards make men seem more trustworthy (and older).  Since I tend to only have a beard in the Spring semester, perhaps I should be a good social scientist and look for effects on my course evaluations.

4) Fascinating: kids with Williams syndrome seem to have no innate ethnic biases, but gender biases remain.  

5) Nice column from EJ Dionne summarizing who the tea-partiers actually are (surprise, older white, conservative Republicans).

6) Really interesting Supreme Court case pitting freedom of association vs. freedom from discrimination.  Of course, nobody sums up Supreme Court cases like Slate's Dahlia Lithwick (she doesn't know it yet, but I hope to get her for our "American Values" speaker next year).   

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