Mega quick hits

I've been a bad blogger.  I've got a ton of tabs saved up I've been meaning to blog about and have not done so.  In the list of at least clearing this out, here goes…

1) We so over-screen for Prostate cancer.  Unless things really change, no PSA test for me.  The costs so clearly outweigh the benefits but everyone is irrationally (though understandably) afraid of cancer.  

2) A really important and not fully appreciated point is how much politicians actually shape public opinion.  Yglesias has a great post on how Republicans so consciously and successfully managed to shape opinion on health care. 

3) For all those idiots complaining about how evil, unconstitutional, and liberal the individual mandate is, you might want to mention that the idea basically comes from the Heritage Foundation.  This post from Ezra Klein very much speaks to this point as well. 

4) Charles Blow to tea partiers: "You may want “your country back,” but you can’t have it."  I.e., Uneducated whites are an ever-shrinking part of the population.

5) I've said it before, I'll surely play it again.  I really don't have a big problem with a pro-market philosophy.  I've got a real problem with being pro-business.  The Republican party (and sadly, the Democrats to a considerable degree) are decidedly in this latter category.  Ezra explains

6) For a young woman selling her eggs, an increase of 100 points on the SAT is worth about $2300 in the value of her eggs. 

7) Interesting story about the lobbyist working for Catholic Bishops who did his damnedest to bring down health care.  

8) At Census time, prisoners are counted as residents of the county in which they are imprisoned.  It's not fair

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