Good losers and bad losers

Great post by "Big Steve" today.  I'm just going to borrow my favorite parts:

 I have come to the belief that much of the grumbling over the past year
in US politics is due to the fact that the Republicans are sore losers. 
That's right, they are LOSERS.  They lost the election, and now they
lost a major policy battle.  The strange thing is that over the course
of time, folks of a certain persuasion have felt entitled to rule and to
win.  But rule number one of democracy is that sometimes you lose and
you have to accept it. 

Democrats are good losers.  Hell, we are great losers.  We are used to
losing elections and getting tossed out of power, losing major policy
battles and moving on.  Despite the fact that the Democrats dominated
Congress for much of the postwar period, Republicans, perhaps due to 12
years of rule from Reagan to Bush I, have become used to ruling.  The
entire Clinton administration seemed to be one big hissy fit because the
GOP candidate came in 2nd.  Hey, at least, Bush and then Dole didn't
finish third. 

So, now we have some death threats, minor actors of violence and so on
in the aftermath of the health care vote.  What these Americans forget
is that the Revolution's key slogan was No
Taxation Without Representation
, not We
Must Always Get What We Want
.  What the founding folks
wanted was Taxation with Representation.  Representation does not mean
winning–it means that your views are represented, that folks you vote
for are involved in the decision-making process.

Love that last point, so I'll end my excerpt there  

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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