No health care reform = more abortions

I've already mentioned the irony of the pro-life Democrats taking such a narrow view of human life, i.e., before birth, that they are willing to sacrifice the lives and health of millions of already-born Americans over an excessively broad interpretation of federal funding of the abortion.  TR Reid had a Washington Post Op-Ed, pointing out how defeating health care reform will, in addition, in all likelihood actually lead to more abortions.  Slate's Tim Noah gives it the perfect succint summary:

 If Stupak prevails, then health care reform won't pass. If health care
reform doesn't pass, then pregnant women won't get improved access to
health care. And if pregnant women don't get improved access to health
care, then there will be more abortions. In a practical sense, then,
Stupak's anti-abortion amendment (to be more precise: Stupak's insanely stubborn advocacy for his amendment) will likelier increase the number of abortions than reduce them.

Arrrghh!  It would be one thing if the pro-life objections actually made sense, but the objections are ultimately worse for human life, both born and un-born.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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