Quick Hits (Slate edition)

A number of interesting pieces in Slate this week well worth a read.

1) Tim Tebow's mom is so lucky she didn't die.  Will Saletan explains the details.  Of course, her explanation is basically that God loves her more than the mothers who die of placental abruption.  And, some further analysis on how dangerous this is. 

2) Tim Noah explains how absurdly crazy it is to get a health care policy in the individual market.  Basically seems to boil down to coverage for extremely healthy people who might get in a car accident or something totally unforeseen. 

3) I don't know if it brings my masculinity into question (alright, it already was) to admit I enjoy figure skating.  Anyway, here's an article explaining that no matter how they do the judging, the judges can be counted on to play favorites.


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