What to do now?

Tom Toles gets it pretty much right:




If you care about health care reform, read this

A tour-de-force column from Paul Krugman today.  Basically manages to summarize pretty much every aspect of the argument on whey Democrats need to pass this health care bill now in 800 words.  Read it.



I just finished a terrific (as in, in will go on my all-time favorites list) book, Columbine by Dave Cullen.  It's about what you think it is.  I found it endlessly fascinating and found it incredibly hard to put down for the past few days.  Why did the killers do it?  What were they really like?  What role did their parents play?  How did the police get it so wrong?  How did the media get it so wrong?  So many interesting questions answered in a thorough and compelling manner.  Chances are, a lot of what you thought you knew about Columbine is wrong.  I found it especially interesting to learn that Eric Harris was almost a classic psychopath (and to learn exactly what that entails).  I realize this book is not for everyone, but if the subject piques your interest, you should definitely read it.  Until then, here's a couple of great excerpts in Slate on the matter.  And, even better, an essay by Cullen (not from the book) on the lessons learned from Columbine.  Read it

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