Okay, maybe Leach has been rail-roaded

Sally Jenkins has a column in the Post arguing pretty persuasively that Mike Leach has been railroaded in his firing from Texas Tech.  If you are curious about the matter, just read it.  Also, I found this video about the "shed" and "electrical closet" the player was locked in made things look pretty bad for the player's side and pretty good for Leach.  

As for Leach, I also found this bit from Jenkins' column to be particularly interesting:

Actually, nothing in this case is simple. Leach is not some
head-banging throwback. He's idiosyncratic and incurably outspoken, but
nothing suggests he's a sadist or an idiot who would endanger a player.
In fact, he is one of the more well-read and thoughtful men in the
game, with a large curiosity and a law degree from Pepperdine. More
importantly, he's a serious, demanding educator whose team has a
graduation rate of 79 percent, eighth best in the country and first in
the Big 12 Conference. He trails only Notre Dame (94 percent), Stanford
(93), Boston College (92), Duke (92), Northwestern (92), Vanderbilt
(91) and Wake Forest (83) in turning out grads, while he also has made
nine bowl appearances in nine years.

Mike Leach really is a fascinating guy.  Great NYT magazine story on him 4 years ago.  

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