Why this is a big deal

Terrific post over at the Wonk Room that wonderfully, graphically sums up all the good that passing health care reform will do:

Here is a graphic representation of the choice lawmakers face:


 The ostensible purpose of the post is to refute the nutty liberals, led by Jane Hamsher, who somehow think it would be a good thing to kill this legislation.  Of course, Ezra Klein can be counted upon for an effective point-by-point rebuttal.  Ever more persuasive, Nate Silver explains why the nutty liberals hopes of reconciliation are simply not realistic in the real political world.  On a side note, I have to mention how impressed I am by Silver.  Here's a guy who's expertise is in baseball statistics.  He turned his statistical abilities into an amazing site on the electoral college that all of us election junkies became completely hooked on in 2008.  And now, he does a not bad job at all as a policy wonk. 

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