Liberals can be nuts, too

It's been really interesting to see the more hardcore liberals (i.e., the Daily Kos and Firedoglake types) all up in arms about the current state of the health reform legislation, whereas I don't want to say the more pragmatic liberals, but rather the liberals who actually understand the details of the policy and policy-making process in the US Congress (i.e., Ezra Klein, Matt Yglesias, Jonathan Cohn) realize the bill is far from perfect but are damn happy to get it.  Obviously, by my choice of words I am putting myself in this latter camp.  Would a strong public option be great? Or Medicare buy-in?  You betcha– but you are simply not going to get Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman to vote for these things– that's life in the real world.  Given the constraints, I actually think the legislation is looking surprisingly good.  Ezra Klein makes the great point that we can quite realistically expect this legislation to save somewhere in the neighborhood of 150,00 lives.  Seriously.  That's what expanding health insurance does.  He also does a nice job laying out all the good that this bill can do.  Kevin Drum also has a great summary of what's at stake.  There's a nice little maxim about the perfect being the enemy of the good, and it seems to be very much in effect in the far left of the liberal blogosphere where, sadly, many seem to be just as immune to fact and reason as you typically see on the political right.  


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