What’s up with Joe Lieberman

So far the evidence that Joe Lieberman has acted in bad faith to kill health care reform strikes me as quite persuasive.  I'm definitely of the opinion that Lieberman is a sanctimonious blowhard who is just a complete jerk.  Anyway, Ezra Klein does a terrific job deconstruction Lieberman's changing positions on health care reform and makes a compelling case the Lieberman's central motive is pissing off liberals (if people die from lack of health insurance, so be it in Lieberman's world).  Pretty hard to argue with Ezra's conclusions.   In a somewhat complimentary post, TNR's Jon Chait argues that we strongly need to consider the fact that Lieberman is just plain stupid.  Actually, I think they are both right, as Chait makes the point in his conclusion:

I suspect that Lieberman is the beneficiary, or possibly the victim, of
a cultural stereotype that Jews are smart and good with numbers. Trust
me, it's not true. If Senator Smith from Idaho was angering Democrats
by spewing uninformed platitudes, most liberals would deride him as an
idiot. With Lieberman, we all suspect it's part of a plan. I think he
just has no idea what he's talking about and doesn't care to learn.
Lieberman thinks about politics in terms of broad ideological labels.
He's the heroic centrist voice pushing legislation to the center. No,
Lieberman doesn't have any particular sense of what the Medicare buy-in
option would do to the national debt. If the liberals like it, then he
figures it's big government and he should oppose it. I think it's
basically that simple.

Joe Lieberman: unprincipled and  stupid.  Works for me.

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Professor of Political Science at NC State http://faculty.chass.ncsu.edu/shgreene

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