Republicans really are evil (at least among Wake County Commissioners)

A friend just sent me a link to this.  Astounding:

Today's election of a new chairman for the Wake County board of
commissioners makes last week's election of a new school board chairman
boring by comparison.

After being deadlocked for more than an hour, the Republicans took
advantage of a potty break by Betty Lou Ward to elect Tony Gurley as
the new chairman. The Republicans hailed the election while the
Democrats cried foul.

Democrats hold a 4-3 edge among the commissioners. But outgoing
chairman Harold Webb has missed several meetings, including today's
affair, because of a stroke.

Without Webb, the board was deadlocked 3-3 after an hour of voting.
If the vote had stayed that way, Webb would have stayed on as chair
until the issue was resolved.

But things changed today when Ward stepped out of the room to use
the restroom without apparently requesting a recess. In her absence,
the Republicans moved for a vote that saw Gurley win by a 3-2 margin.


The vote that elected Gurley came after dozens of procedural
votes in which the Republican refused to move past the election to
other matters or to hold a recess.

 Speaks for itself. 

The first poll on the public option that makes sense

Via Ezra Klein (of course) comes this Vanity Fair poll that asks not "do you support the public option" but rather, "could you confidently explain what exactly the public option is to someone who didn’t know?"  And the results are about what you'd expect– resoundingly "no."  


All these seemingly strong opinions both liberals and conservatives have on the public option, but most have only the slightest clue what it actually means.  Yet another example of why you should not put too much stock in your typical "do you support or oppose…" opinion poll.

Sexist? Offensive? Really Funny?

Or all 3?   Check out this video for Method cleaners:

Something huh? Apparently it has created quite the controversy.  Had quite the discussion when I showed this to my class yesterday.  A lot of the discussion centered on what our thoughts on the ad would be had it been female bubbles ogling a male in the shower.  My take is that most men simply have no idea what it is like to be objectified in a way that commonly happens to women.  I even got into quite an email discussion with one student, which prompted me to come across this great summary of gender differences in sex drive, from WebMD of all places.  Short answer: men think more often about sex and more avidly about sex.  Anyway, I'll be looking forward to discussing this in my Summer 2010 Gender & Politics class. 


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