Bad blogger

That's myself I've been referring to in the title.  Big backlog of stuff I've meaning to blog about and haven't.  No good excused.  I'm going to try and get in some good posts later, but for now, some quick hits of stuff you should read…

  1. Politico is a joke.  Hopefully you knew that already.   
  2. In no way do the hacked emails undermine the case for anthropogenic global warming.  Largely they prove that scientists can be petty, just like ordinary people.  This is the best summary I've read.  (I linked to the last page of the article because it has a terrific summary of what we know for sure about climate change). 
  3. Republicans really love rich people— we know this.  But just admit it already.  In the latest Congressional wrangling on the Estate tax, we get the same old story about how we need to protect family farms, etc.  Only 1.3% of those affected by the tax are the small businesses and farms that GOP Senators claim they are all about protecting. 
  4. Last part of this Krugman column is great.  Strongly makes the point that failure on health care reform bodes extremely ill for us to successfully tackle any of the significant long-term economic challenges are nation faces.
  5. Nice post by Jon Cohn (who I am hopefully bringing in to speak at NCSU next semester) on the breathtaking hypocrisy of Republicans on Medicare cuts.   
  6. Nice post from Ezra Klein on why we should actually pay for Afghanistan, rather than borrow for it.  
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