KSM’s trial in New York

Great post from Andrew Sullivan on why it is really important to have KSM's trial in New York.  The Obama administration has definitely disappointed me in adopting too many of the Bush positions in the "war on terror," but he gets a lot of credit on this one.  Sullivan:

But what an open civilian case will also do – and it's why a war
criminal like John Yoo is so apoplectic – is reveal the extent to which
the brutal torture of KSM was unnecessary, and led to the government's
inability to prosecute him to the full extent of the law.

It will
be a civic lesson to America and the world. It will show the evil of
terrorism and the futility and danger of torture. It will be a way in
which Cheney's torture regime can be revealed in all its grotesque
excess at the same time as KSM's vile religious extremism is exposed
for its murderous nihilism. That all this will take place in New York –
close to where the mass murder took place – is a particularly smart

This will, then, be a Nuremberg-style event – because it
will pit Qaeda barbarism against the cooling, calm and resolute nature
of real Western justice in the clear light of history. But it does one
more critical thing. It reveals a new confidence in ourselves and the
Western way of life…

When you listen to the Fox News right speak about this, they reveal
amazing levels of fear. They have been truly spooked by these men with
long beards and chilling eyes. They are so scared of them they are
willing to drop any and all legal principles that the West has
historically used with respect to mass murderers. Their fear brought
them to institute torture, and to engage in mass brutality against
prisoners of war in every theater of combat in a manner that will
tragically taint the honor of the US military for a very long time. It
led them to establish Gitmo, to create for the world a reverse symbol
of the Statue of Liberty, and imprint it on the minds and in the
consciences of an entire generation of human beings, whose view of
America will never be the same.

I think Sullivan gets that quite right– Fox News Republicans are simply fearful (dare I say cowards?).  On a more practical level, Dahlia Lithwick simply eviscerates all the arguments for the silly and scared people who think this is a bad idea.



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