Health care reform vote

I actually flipped away from Saturday night football to see the historic 218th vote cast to pass health care reform in the House.  I have to admit, to being quite disappointed that it could muster 220 despite the fact that there are 258 Democrats in the House.  I'd like to think that some of the 39 Democrat "no" votes would have voted for it if they knew it was actually going to prevent meaningful reform.  Anyway, the NY Times has a really nice chart today which shows quite clearly where those no votes came from.  For starters, 31 of the 39 came from districts that McCain won.  14 of the 39 were Freshman, overwhelmingly from districts that barely voted for Obama or went for McCain.  In short, 35 of the 39 were in McCain districts, first term members, or both.  Of course, if would still be nice if these Dems stepped up and did the right thing.  Especially someone like NC's Larry Kissel, who is actually in a swing district carried by Obama and won with lot's of DCCC money.  Anyway, all these defections are a shame, but I suppose if we get the same 220 for the final bill, it's all good.

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