Islamic creationism

Interesting article in Science Times today on creationism and evolution in the Muslim world.  Apparently, most Muslims except pretty much all of evolutionary theory except that humans are descended from apes.  That, they cannot take.  This was my favorite part of the article: 

many Muslims, even evolution and the notion that life flourished
without the intervening hand of Allah is largely compatible with their
religion. What many find unacceptable is human evolution, the idea that
humans evolved from primitive primates. The Koran states that Allah created Adam, the first man, separately out of clay.

A. Hoodbhoy, a prominent atomic physicist at Quaid-e-Azam University in
Pakistan, said that when he gave lectures covering the sweep of
cosmological history from the Big Bang to the evolution of life on
Earth, the audience listened without objection to most of it.
“Everything is O.K. until the apes stand up,” Dr. Hoodbhoy said.

human evolution led to near riots, and he had to be escorted out.
“That’s the one thing that will never be possible to bridge,” he said.
“Your lineage is what determines your worth.”

I'll leave aside for the moment the fact that in Pakistan the response to an academic speaker you disagree with is apparently to riot. I'd have to wear body armor to class.

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