My health care company wants to limit my options

What a treat to get the following piece of mail from Blue Cross/Blue Shield of North Carolina:



(image courtesy TPM)


Who wants that?  I sure do.  I'm supposed to join with BCBS and send this to Kay Hagan, why?  Because I support BCBS NC's monopoly on the individual market for health insurance in North Carolina?  Because I support them as the only health insurance option for the thousands of teachers and public employees in this state?  Because next time I get in a fight with them over whether they want to cover Alex's therapy I should be glad I have no other options?  Right.

Even more maddening, BCBS is actually a non-profit.  Apparently, though, they can use up to 25% of their non-profit profits to spend on grassroots lobbying like this.  So glad to know that my premiums can be higher and that this year's copays for specialists doubled so that BCBS NC has the money to send out these mailers to everybody.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

One Response to My health care company wants to limit my options

  1. phil says:

    good points about bcbs… its a shame so many people think they are the only company in the individual market.. and it’s a shame those in government jobs don’t have other options for group care

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