Stupid conservative columnist tricks

I decided a long time ago that I was generally going to refrain from blogging about idiocy coming from conservative columnists– that's easily a full-time occupation in its own right.  But, I cannot resist the dual foolishness of Kathleen Parker and George Will in today's Post.

What always amuses me and disturbs me is the number of people who are so easily duped into thinking George Will is some sort of fair-minded intellectual who happens to be conservative.  Sure, he breaks with Republican orthodoxy more than most, but wearing a bow time and using a lot of big words does not actually make you smart.  Today he absolutely phones it in with his pathetic celebration of Minnesota Rep (R- crazyville) Michelle Bachman.  That woman borders on insane.  (If you doubt me, just watch some random clips of her on Youtube).   Will blames one set of her indefensible comments on the interviewer, Chris Matthews, and on another not-so-bad set of comments, he says she's right on the merits.  There.  Case solved–she's a great politician unfairly slandered.  That was easy.  So simple when you ignore all the dozens of other instances where she's proven her tenuous grip of reality.

Meanwhile, Kathleen Parker defends the 30 white male Senators who voted against Al Franken's amendment to prevent the DoD from contracting with contractors who make their employees sign contracts which do not allow them to use the US justice system in cases of sexual harrassment.  Parker makes a really poor case against this amendment.  Apparently it may be hard to enforce.  So is interstate wire fraud– should we make that legal?  Then argues, based on a complete absence of a rational basis "Though it appears that there are plenty of bad guys in this story — may they get their due — the 30 Republican senators have been unfairly smeared for doing the harder thing, for the right reasons."  I love this response in the on-line comments: "What makes you think that the 30 GOP Senators were doing "the harder thing for the right reasons" rather than doing the usual thing for large campaign contributors?"  That sounds about right to me.


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