What the Republican county chairs think

I'm just going to borrow Drum's post:

Conor Friedersdorf
recently sent out an email questionnaire to Republican Party county
chairmen throughout the country.  Sounds dull.  But it turns out to be
surprisingly entertaining!  Here's a sampling of opinion from local GOP
leaders about Barack Obama and whatever else is on their minds:

….He wants to totally change it to a socialistic nation….His
swift moves towards socialism….We should point out that the Blank
Panthers, KKK, and ACORN are the shock troops of the Dem
Party….Obama's socalist tendencies….Stop kissing up to the RINOs,
the left, and the socialists!….Is he for America or against us? Hard
to tell with some of his far right [sic], socialistic policies or
legislation he wants to enact.

….Dems can have an openly queer sitting as chair and nothing is
held against the party or the individual….We are rushing into
Sosialism and that is where we need focus our energies in poing this
out not on how many hail marys did you say….Obama is all about race
[…] He wants payback….We feel we are marching toward the end of our
liberties without having a chance to catch our breath….Despite what
he said, this is not a Muslim Country, we do not need a Muslim majority
ruling America. This is one decision that was made under the cloak of

….I seem to remember a similar charismatic socialist somewhere in
middle Europe about a third of the way through the last century…. I
think the most worrisome part of the Obama presidency is the blatant
adherence to the socialist doctrine….The most worrisome part is that
the Obama administration my put us on an irreversible course toward
socialism….We should stop all measurements of race and actively fight
the race-pimps who live off of division.

'nuff said.


About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State http://faculty.chass.ncsu.edu/shgreene

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