Save the Boobs

Personally, I find this breast cancer awareness ad (that I discovered here) horribly offensive:

(If you cannot watch it without signing into youtube, you should be able to at Salon at the link above)

Why so offensive, because it is a huge insult to men.  As Salon's Judy Berman writes:

But what really bothers me about the PSA, aside from the obvious — how
problematic it is to sexualize cancer, the implication that only hot
girls with nice racks are worth caring about — is its cynicism toward
young men. Does Rethink Breast Cancer really believe that the only way
to make guys care is to slap together a sexy ad with a
boobs-to-information ratio that's downright offensive? Is it impossible
to believe that men's interest in breast cancer research might go
beyond the selfish desire to "Save the boobs"? I'm all for reaching out
to get as many people involved in the fight against breast cancer as
possible. I just don't think insulting men's intelligence is the way to
do it.

Exactly.  Should we only care about the breasts of young, nubile, women?  Might men care about the fact that this disease could kill their wives, girlfriends, mothers, and daughters.  Anyway, so wrong.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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