Asthma problems– get yourself a hookworm

I cannot recall if I've plugged Radiolab here before, but it is a terrific hour-long NPR science program/podcast that takes an in-depth, science-based look at a particular issue each show, e.g., sleep, stress, ethics, music, etc.  The latest show was on parasites and particularly fascinating.  Listen.  There was a fascinating segment about a guy who cured his asthma and severe allergies by intentionally heading to Cameroon to infect himself with hookworm. 


Apparently, if you've got a hookworm, you don't get these auto-immune disorders.  To infect himself with hookworm, he spent a couple weeks walking barefoot in open-air latrines.  It's all worked out for the best as he is much happier and healthier now.  He's even got a pretty extensive webpage where he describes it all– including the need to periodically re-infect himself!  Check it out.  


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