The right-wing nuts in DC

This past Saturday, what conservative pundits claimed were millions descending on Washington DC, but best estimates but at tens of thousands, made their own ignorance quite apparent.  Most of these true-blooded patriots carrying Confederate flags, etc., proved themselves to be amazingly ignorant in quotations throughout news coverage (I would say shockingly ignorant, but there's no surprise how ignorant anybody who's moved to political action by Glenn Beck actually is).  I like this quote from Matt Yglesias, who was able to check-out the "festivities" first-hand:

As was the case with the bulk of the protesters, there was very little
sense that anyone had any actual specific complaint with Obama’s health
care proposals. That one woman loves the confederacy. This guy thinks
guns are great and diversity is stupid. Many protesters feel that
abortion is murder and/or that Barack Obama is in league with
terrorists. But nobody had a sign urging the president to adopt more
stringent cost control measures, or slamming the concept of regulations
to require insurers to cover people with pre-existing medical

I got a quote into the Greensboro News & Record on the matter.  I'm pleasantly surprised that he didn't choose a "fair and balanced" one– rather I was balanced against a former adviser of Jesse Helms who thinks it's all just great.  Anyway:

“The mass media is going to have to pay attention when you’ve got a million people, or whatever it turns out to be, marching. You can’t say that didn’t happen,” Kindley said.

Kindley’s point about the “mass media,” or mainstream media, is strongly made throughout the organizers’ online literature. Marchers portray themselves as not only opposed to policies formulated by President Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress, but as ignored by the television and other national media.“That’s great political rhetoric,” said Steven Greene, a political science professor at N.C. State. “But to suggest that their viewpoint isn’t represented suggests they’re not watching television or reading newspapers.”

Yglesias has a number of good posts on the topic, if you want to read more.


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