Obama’s health care speech

Typically, I really cannot take any presidential speech addressing Congress.  I get so bored by all the inane political clapping. This speech proved to be no different at the start.  So I left and enjoyed spending time reading Lemony Snicket Book 4 to David and explaining the politics of health care policy (short version: Republicans don't seem to mind people dying and going bankrupt from lack of insurance; they have a pathological fear of government action).  I came back to catch the last 10-15 minutes of Obama's speech, which was hardly interrupted by applause.  I thought it was brilliant.  He spoke powerfully and emotionally.  I'm usually not at all impressed by presidential speeches, even Obama's, but the last portion of this one really had me.

You can’t touch this

Thanks to Cobb for sending me this video which I personally find absolutely irresistible.

Chart of the Day (Income inequality)

Not that I usually have a chart of the day, but this one from CBPP via Yglesias makes a simple and amazingly compelling case for what's gone wrong in America.


Chances are you are represented in the yellowish bar in the middle of the graph (except for you, Doug). And that's really pretty depressing. 


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