Republican Nihilists

Great recent column by Joe Klein.  A sample:

It is a very different story among Republicans. To be sure, there are
honorable conservatives, trying to do the right thing. There is a
legitimate, if wildly improbable, fear that Obama's plan will start a
process that will end with a health-care system entirely controlled by
the government. There are conservatives — Senator Lamar Alexander,
Representative Mike Pence, among many others — who make their arguments
based on facts. But they have been overwhelmed by nihilists and
hypocrites more interested in destroying the opposition and gaining
power than in the public weal. The philosophically supple party that
existed as recently as George H.W. Bush's presidency has been
obliterated. The party's putative intellectuals — people like the Weekly Standard's
William Kristol — are prosaic tacticians who make precious few
substantive arguments but oppose health-care reform mostly because
passage would help Barack Obama's political prospects. In 1993, when
the Clintons tried health-care reform, the Republican John Chafee
offered a creative (in fact, superior) alternative — which Kristol
quashed with his famous "Don't Help Clinton" fax to the troops. There
is no Republican health-care alternative in 2009. The same people who
rail against a government takeover of health care tried to enforce a
government takeover of Terri Schiavo's end-of-life decisions. And when
Palin floated the "death panel" canard, the number of prominent
Republicans who rose up to call her out could be counted on one hand. 

Read the whole thing.

Where I discuss the socical implications of a semi-nude photo

Over at Salon, I found this interesting post about all the attention paid to a recent picture in Glamour.  The model in the photo is "plus-sized" i.e., the size of a normal women rather than the starved creatures generally featured in women's magazines.  In the photo, the model is leaning forward a little, and like surely 90% of Americans in a similar posture, there's a small roll of belly fat.  That's not surprising– what's surprising, and great is that a mainstream women's magazine simply included this photo without making a big deal out of it.  Wouldn't that be a great trend, magazines using actual beautiful women who aren't starving themselves as models.  Probably too much to hope for.  Check out the photo and a video of the model's Today show appearance here.  


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