Sweden– the anti-Texas

It is a pretty well established fact that criminal justice is decidedly unbalanced against the accused in Texas.  They seem plenty willing to put people in prison on flimsy evidence and to keep them there too long.  That's bad.  On the other hand, I think Sweden definitely goes too far in the other direction.  There was a really interesting article in the Times this week about how Swedish medical schools are dealing with a convicted murderer who has enrolled in two separate medical schools.  It is really quite a fascinating look on who should be allowed to practice medicine, etc., but one particular part of the article struck me when it gave the example of another problem case:

And in still another case, a 24-year-old medical student at Lund
University was convicted last April of raping a 14-year-old boy while
he slept. A district court sentenced the student to two years in
prison, but a higher court reduced the sentence to two years’ probation
and medical therapy.

When the dean at Lund sought to expel the
student, a national board that reviews expulsions blocked the action,
saying that although the man had committed a serious crime, he was not
considered a threat to people or property. The decision was then
reversed by an administrative court, which upheld the expulsion; the
student did not appeal.

Who are these people that think a child-rapist belong in medical school, much less anywhere that is not prison?  Are Swedes crazy?  I'll take Texas justice over that.


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