Civic Knowledge

I discovered this latest "Civic Knowledge" quiz via one of my students.  I was pleased to get a perfect 33 out of 33 score (average score for "college educators" 55%.  I was pretty determined even before answering the questions that any I missed would surely be invalid questions.  Some of these definitely had very little to do with civic literacy.  As Kevin Drum suggests, is it so bad if Americans don't know what philosophical points of agreement Aristotle, Plato, and Thomas Aquinas shared?  He also points out that the kids are alright.  All sorts of tests like to make fun of how little our High School students know, but tell us how little ordinary adults know.  This one does and the results really are not that pretty regardless of age (age breakdown and fascinating comments over at Drum's link). 

I'm going to be bold and enable comments so you can tell me how you did (feel free to be anonymous).  Of course, if nobody comments, I'll just get depressed and disable them.  [Or so was my intention except for the fact that the new blogging software NCSU installed (after keeping the blogs down for some time and ruining the font in all my old posts) does not seem to want to allow comments for this post, as I designated, but rather the previous post, for which I did not designate comments.]


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