Obama and change

Kevin Drum made a really good point earlier in the week that I've also been hearing/reading a lot of rumblings on:

CLINTONITES….Just a quick comment on a common
meme: Why is Barack Obama surrounding himself with so many Clinton
retreads? That's not change we can believe in!

Sure, sure, but look: anybody who's been active in liberal
governance for more than eight years is likely to be a Clintonite. It
was the only game in town during the 90s. And anybody who's been active
less than eight years probably doesn't have the experience to get a top
level position. So there's really no way around this. There are some
fresh faces around for Obama to tap, but for the most part, when you're
staffing highly visible and responsible positions, you want someone who
has at least some experience to fall back on. And since Bill Clinton is
the only Democrat to hold the presidency in the past 28 years, that
means someone who served in the Clinton administration.

If you want change (which, let's be honest, basically means a liberal policy agenda) you really need experienced operators who know what they're doing in order to bring about change.  Who all these "new" people without Clinton administration experience that Obama should bring it that will actually be able to get things through Congress is a mystery to me.  I love the choice of Tom Daschle as HHS Secretary and to push Health care reform.  More on my personal connection to Daschle later.



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