Making Palin a verb

A good friend of mine is a co-creator of the “Make Palin a verb” campaign.  (There's also a facebook group).  Here's their definition:

pal·in (p?l??n) v. palined, palin·ing, palins 1.
To flub, fail or otherwise stumble in response to simple, predictable
questions in an interview; to give an off-topic and incoherent or
syntactically suspect response to a simple, pre-dictable question in an
interview; to do likewise in any other human endeavor. 2. To fabricate an untruth, that is easily verifiable as such, in response to a question for which one does not know the answer.

Today's Palin press conference comes pretty close, but not quite, to definition number 2.  From the Post's campaign blog:

In a Saturday conference call with Alaska journalists, Palin said she
was “pleased to be cleared of any legal wrongdoing … any hint of any
kind of unethical activity there.” She denounced the investigation,
calling it “a partisan circus.” The McCain-Palin campaign said that she
and her family had good reason to try to get the trooper fired.

Of course, there's also reality to consider.

An Alaska state legislative investigator found yesterday that Gov. Sarah Palin
abused executive power when she and her husband engaged in a campaign
to oust her former brother-in-law from the state police force.

Just like the “Bridge to Nowhere” Sarah Palin won't let the truth slow her down.

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