“Game Changer”

That is a phrase I am ready to throw under the bus

The uncommited voters

One of the funny things about these debates is all the attention given to the “uncommitted voters.”  I just finished watching MSNBC and CNN report on their focus groups.  These people are idiots!  What the hell do they want.  There could not be more difference between McCain and Obama on both policy and personality.  Yet, you hear all these comments like, “well, I'm waiting for one of them to show me…”  Or go on about how they didn't see any real differences between the candidates.  Please!   These people all seem to think they are such sober, thoughtful, voters, but if they were, they would have figured who to vote for long ago.

Grow up

I need to read James Fallows' blog more often.  This is blistering (and spot on):

In the short term, a worldwide financial panic and crisis…

In these circumstances, and with a presidential election four weeks away, is it conceivable
that candidates will waste time arguing whether one of them has been in
the same room with a guy who had been a violent extremist at a time
before most of today's U.S. citizens were even born? (William Ayres was
a Weatherman in the late 1960s. Today's median-aged American was born
around 1972.) Of course, it's not only conceivable: it's the Republican plan
for this final push — “turning the page” on economic concerns and
getting to these “character” and “association” questions about Barack

Grow up. If John McCain has a better set of plans to deal
with the immediate crisis, and the medium-term real-economy fallout,
and the real global problems of the era — fine, let him win on those.
But it is beneath the dignity he had as a Naval officer to wallow in
this mindless BS. I will say nothing about the dignity of a candidate
who repeatedly winks at the public, Hooters-waitress style.  A great
country acts great when it matters.  This is a time when it matters —
for politicians in the points they raise, for journalists in the
subjects they write about and the questions they ask of candidates.
And, yes, for voters.

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