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Though Evan has been the easiest of the three, he certainly manages to find his share of toddler trouble.  I think you'll find this two minutes well worth watching.
Don't leave a toddler alone with soap from Steven Greene on Vimeo

Post VP Debate

I actually just had a call from a disappointed reader hoping for my post-debate reaction.  I'll try and find time for a more thorough response this weekend, for now, I'll farm it out mostly to James Fallows, who nicely sums it up in four bullet points:

  • Ifill, moderator: Terrible. Yes, she was constrained
    by the agreed debate rules. But she gave not the slightest sign of
    chafing against them or looking for ways to follow up the many
    unanswered questions or self-contradictory answers. This was the big
    news of the evening. Katie Couric, and for that matter Jim Lehrer, have
    never looked so good.
  • Palin: “Beat expectations.”
    In every single answer, she was obviously trying to fit the talking
    points she had learned to the air time she had to fill, knowing she
    could do so with impunity from the moderator. But she did it with spunk
    and without any of the poleaxed moments she had displayed in previous
    questions. The worst holes in her answers – above all, about the Vice
    President's role, also either mishearing or ignoring the question about
    her “Achilles heel” – were concealed in ways they haven't been before.

  • Biden: No mistakes.
    This is a bigger deal than it seems, since Biden could easily have
    seemed bullying, condescending, chauvinistic, or whatever. He didn't.
    And while he was woolly-sounding in the beginning, he was commanding
    and authoritative – from his side's perspective – on issues of foreign
    policy and constitutional balance. And to all appearances sincere in
    his choking-up near the end when talking about having a child in peril.
    Overall, don't see how he could have balanced all the conflicting pressures on him much better.

  • The race: No fundamental change. Which is better news for Obama than McCain.

I've also got to quote Kevin Drum, though, as Fallows is right that Palin beat expectations, but he still goes a little easy on her:

At the same time, I'm a little surprised (I know, I know….) that
Palin is getting such generous marks for her performance. No, she
didn't propose invading Denmark or eliminating the Supreme Court, but
she was still painfully out of her depth. She had all the usual
Reaganesque phrases and prepackaged zingers at the ready, but she
didn't seem to understand that these are meant to be hauled out
occasionally as applause lines, not simply strung together over and
over and over. By the time she was finished, she had repeated these
stock phrases so often that even a dullard could tell that she was just
reading off notes.

Most importantly, as Fallows says, this did nothing to change the fundamentals of the race, which are heavily in Obama's favor right now.

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