Pre VP Debate thoughts

I've been reading commentary all over the map about how we might expect Sarah Palin to perform tonight.  One thing is for sure, she's certainly lowered the bar almost to the floor for her to have a successful performance.  After the disastrous interview with Katie Couric the press will call it a victory for her if she manages to string together a few coherent sentences.  All the reports are, too, that she handles herself well in Alaska debates.  So, I've been thinking, which Sarah Palin do we see tonight?  I've decided that it is largely up to the moderator, Gwen Ifill.  It seems that most of Palin's most egregious flubs with Couric were not on the initial questions, where Palin can do a verbal tapdance pretty well, but rather, on Couric's follow-ups, i.e., no, tell us something specific that you read.  If Ifill asks some tough follow-ups, Palin might be in trouble, but if all she has to do is filibuster an initial question, she'll probably be just fine.
And should there be any doubt who is more qualified to be Vice President, just watch this video of Biden and Palin on Roe v. Wade:

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