Sarah Palin responds to the latest financial crisis:

The GOP vice presidential candidate couched most of her speech,
regardless of the subject, in terms of reform. The U.S. financial
system, she said, “needs some shakin' up and some fixin'.”

“With your help we're going to Washington to shake things up,” she
added. “We're going to be there in Washington, working for you.”

Boy, I'm confident all that “shaking up” will fix the Wall Street mess.  Who needs regulatory reform of financial markets (which I'm sure Palin is an expert on– I bet she's been to New York City!), when you know how to “shake things up.”

Tipping Point on McCain’s lies

I think that we will see that McCain really overplayed his hand with the lipstick fiasco last week on top of the unremitting lies about the bridge to nowhere.  Based on a number of recent newspaper stories, it seems that McCain has lost his real base– “the elite liberal media” he loves to rail against, but that has, in actuality, given him a huge pass because they personally like him so much.  Whatever ground he gained by the lies, I suspect will be lost and more as the campaign narrative increasingly focuses on whether McCain is honest and truthful– let's not forget what that did to Al Gore.  By his repeated lying he has very much opened himself up to effective attacks, like this one from Obama:

If Obama had tried something like this a month ago, I don't think it would have worked.  But now that the media is very much on to the McCain is lying bandwagon, there is very fertile soil for this line of attack to work.  The most amazing piece of evidence– pushback on the lies from Fox news of all places:

Drill baby, drill!!

If there's on thing that should shut up all those “drill baby, drill” idiots, it is this graph (via Ezra):

This graph makes it painfully obvious just how little off-shore drilling has to do with our long-term energy policy.  Yet, this is what Republicans offer us as a solution.  A rough analogy would be for Republicans to insist that we address the crisis in health care expenditures by finding ways to limit the costs in hypodermic needles and IV tubing (which might actually be more helpful than what McCain is proposing).

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