Why I could never be a politician (part deux)

So, I started to write this post with the above title, when auto-fill reminded me I had already done so.  After Friday's Dole event, I realized an even better reason I could definitely never hack it as a politician– my incredibly low tolerance of boredom.  Elizabeth Dole had to just sit there on stage for a long time (hours) while listening to other people go on and on about stuff she has surely heard a million times.  No waiting offstage and doing something else; no reading a book or magazine while others droned on.  She just had to sit there awake and pretend like it was interesting.  And she's got to do this all the time.  I would go absolutely nuts if I had to do that on a regular basis– heck, I cannot sit through a commercial break without reading a magazine.  Clearly, I could never cut it as a politician.

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